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Longfield Drive - Short Film (2016)

20mins (Writer & Director)

A novice police officer (Harry Eden) is paired up with an intolerant veteran (Erick Hayden) as they blow off a domestic disturbance call to take a break at a local diner, only to have to confront a group of unruly African-American teenagers (Chance Perdomo, Khali Best & Baba Oyejide).

A dark political Crime Drama set in Oakland US, Longfield Drive explores the sensitive issue of police racial profiling and shootings that plague the continent, filmed in the style of one continuous take.


  • Official Selection - Best UK Short at  London Short Film Festival 2017

  • Official Selection - Best Short at Plymouth Film Festival 2017

  • Official Selection - Best International Short at Festival du Cinéma Européen, Lille 2017

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